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Alpha Group was founded in 1993. With innovative designs and quality animated content, the company is a leading children's content provider and toy group in China, as well as one of the largest and most successful in Asia. In 2009, it became the first Chinese animation company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. One of Alpha Group's many projects is the world-famous INFINITY NADO brand. Detalii

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Blades or jigs are legendary toys that rocked some parts of the world back in the 90s. Blades became cult: comic book heroes twirled them, cartoon characters also fought blades - the toy spread to Asia, where bladers’ tournaments started!


However, many years ago, when today's parents were small, they were already fighting with jig blades; they do not buy it at shops, but took from clock mechanisms. These clock gears started the game. So now we understand - what and how it started.


Finally, the iconic INFINITY NADO blades have appeared in Ukraine and continue to win the hearts of Ukrainian bladers, every time surprising with revolutionary changes in the seemingly perfect game process!


Fierce fighting, fast speed and relentless energy of NADO


The INFINITY NADO blade game is a rapid, fast and impressive battle with power and maneuvers! Several players can participate in the game - and the more they are, the more impressive the game becomes! The participants of the battle launch their fighters of various configurations with a special launcher - and this is where the magic of physics, logic and blader skill begins: the zigs gain speed, rotate as in a battle dance, and fight the opponents! The defeated either loses energy and stops, or is pushed beyond the limits, and sometimes splits into parts - and so on to the final match! The battlefield is any surface, but it is more convenient to use the original tournament arena with sides, the tournament should take place there. The tournament begins with a traditional battle call: "One, two, three, NADO!"


Strategic mission game with INFINITY NADO


The INFINITY NADO blade game is like no other. The collection of blade fighters develops motor skills of hands and fingers. Bladers can join both teams and perform in single matches. The game process is not a simple "launch" of the jig: players think over the strategy and tactics of the launch in order to fight the enemy as quickly and powerfully as possible. Blade games explain the basic laws of physics. "One, two, three, NADO!"

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