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Delivering World-Changing Technology


Founded in 1968, Intel’s technology has been at the heart of computing breakthroughs. We are an industry leader, creating world-changing technology that enables global progress and enriches lives. We stand at the brink of several technology inflections—artificial intelligence (AI), 5G network transformation, and the rise of the intelligent edge—that together will shape the future of technology. Silicon and software drive these inflections, and Intel is at the heart of it all.


Our Operating Segments


At Intel, we have evolved alongside data. We have transformed beyond a PC-centric company to have a stronger focus on data, allowing us to address the needs of a new data-centric world. Our main businesses include:


Data-centric Businesses

Data Center Group (DCG)

Internet of Things (IOTG)


Non-volatile Memory Solutions Group (NSG)

Programmable Solutions Group (PSG) - PC-centric Business - Client Computing Group (CCG)

A Portfolio with Broad Market Potential


Our product portfolio provides end-to-end solutions that address the needs of an ever-evolving data-centric world. We are continuously developing new technologies and products for a broad spectrum of markets. From edge computing to the 5G network, cloud computing, AI, and autonomous driving, our products deliver the necessary building blocks for an increasingly smart and connected world.


Our Global Manufacturing


Intel chips are some of the most complex devices ever manufactured, requiring advanced manufacturing technology. Our manufacturing processes advance according to Moore’s Law, delivering ever more functionality and performance, improved energy efficiency, and lower cost per transistor with each generation. With six wafer fabrication sites and four assembly test manufacturing locations worldwide, Intel’s manufacturing facilities employ exceptional flexibility on a global, virtual network.


Our Strategic Priorities


Over the past few years, we have transitioned to a more data-centric company while strengthening our focus on our four strategic priorities: accelerating growth, improving execution, thoughtfully deploying our stockholders’ capital and evolving our culture.


Leadership with a Legacy of Innovation


For over 50 years, we have been at the forefront of innovation, developing new technologies, and providing leading solutions for an increasingly connected world. Our success would not be possible without our talented global workforce and a highly experienced leadership team


Evolving Our Culture


We’re on an exciting journey to transform from a PC-centric company to a technology leader focused on unleashing the power of data and enriching the lives of every person on earth. Our strategy comprehends new markets, customers, products, and competition and will require a challenger mindset. The way we get work done at Intel - our culture - must align to our journey to enable amazing execution and accelerate our growth.

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Intel Core i5-10400F (CM8070104290716) is a 10th generation processor. Products formerly Comet Lake. It is designed to build mid-level work and gaming computers, which makes it a very versatile solution.
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Series: Intel Celeron; Number of cores: 2 cores; Process: 14 nm; Connector type: LGA1200; Code name: Comet Lake; Frequency of system bus: 8 GT/s; Integrated graphics: +.
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