Electric grill with a power of 2000 W, touch control, six automatic cooking modes, temperature, roasting, and doneness control, as well as an automatic product thickness determination. The full grill-plates opening allows using both...
If you need to neatly lay out the products on the shelves or racks, ARDESTO storage jars will come in handy. The range of storage items includes containers and jars of various shapes and sizes: for every taste and for all kinds of...
How not to get confused among the variety of kitchen knives? How to choose the best one and not to overpay? The most rational and stylish choice is ARDESTO brand knives.
The body of electric kettle is made of painted stainless-steel material. Kettle is equipped with concealed heating element which is easy to clean, water level indication window 0.5-1.7 L helps you to check and keep water at appropriate...
New electric grill with a power of 2000 W is equipped with sensitive temperature control which allows you to adjust right level of heat you need for your dish. Timer 10-30 mins protects the dish from overcooking. 2 LED indicators on...
Îndepărtarea părului nedorit acasă va fi și mai ușoară cu seria Ardesto Black Silk. Datorită formei lor ergonomice, sunt confortabil de ținut în mână, ceea ce asigură un proces ușor de îndepărtare chiar și pe zonele cele mai dificile...
Există trei modele noi de aparate de tuns compacte prevăzute cu baterii reîncărcabile încorporate, lungime reglabilă de tuns, un număr mare de capete detașabile și lame ceramice rezistente.
Microwave ovens ARDESTO GO-E865B without rotary table are now available at ERC warehouse.
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Catalog bunuri