Cypress's HDBaseT HDMI transmitters and receivers with their advanced methods for transmitting multiple signals through twisted pair cable open up more options when planning AV networks in modern projects.
Cypress twisted pair transmitters and receivers greatly expand the space for planning AV networks in most projects.
Are you planning to use multiple video content sources while displaying one, two or more sources simultaneously on different displays or a group of displays in a conference room? Do you need to do zoning in an entertainment or educational...
HDMI transmitters and receivers with multi-channel audio from Cypress Technology cover most standard technical requirements for such projects, reaching distances of up to 70 meters using twisted pair cables.
A fairly common request, when you need to assemble a 2x2 video wall from available or non-specialized displays, now has a simple solution. Cypress CDPS-4KQ-AD Video Wall Controller!
TV or projector is installed too far from the player or computer? Standard length HDMI cables is too short? This is no longer a problem!
Need to ensure simultaneous playback of the original image on 2, 4…10 screens, and even more without losing quality? Or maybe you need to show video content without delay in a restaurant or sports bar? Need to broadcast video reviews...
Using high-quality HDMI cables is a guarantee of confidence in the highest image and sound quality and maintaining modern functions and specifications.
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